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It's Kind of a Fun Story

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It's Kind of a Fun Story is a getting-to-know-you storytelling game for acquaintances or a revealing party game for friends you thought you already knew everything about. Players tell stories, compete to best fit card descriptions, and sometimes steal cards from one another, in a bid to get to know each other and win!

To begin, each player takes one 'Nope' card and two 'Hear Me Out' cards. The deck is then shuffled, placed in the center of the table, and ten 'Take a Chance' cards are placed beside it.

On your turn you draw a card and follow its instructions. There are four types of cards. The Story Cards are worth two points, while the others are all worth one.

When you draw a Story Card, you must answer the question on the card, such as 'what was your least favorite job?' or 'who was your arch-nemesis growing up?'. If for some reason you do not wish or do not have a story for the card, you may skip it and draw a new card. Another player may take a skipped card to answer on his turn rather than drawing a new one if he wishes.

If you are the only one who answered the Story Card, you place it in your score pile. However, a player may discard a 'Hear Me Out' card if she also wishes to tell a story for the prompt. Players then vote on who should win the card. If you have already used your 'Hear Me Out' cards, you may place a 'Take a Chance' card into your score pile instead, in order to answer another player's Story Card. These are worth negative one point.

The 'Left or Right' cards require you to decide which player on either side of you best fits the description on the card. The 'Point a Finger' card requires everyone to vote on who best fits the description. Finally, for the 'Everybody Answers' card, each player gives a brief answer to the prompt or question and then votes on who wins the card.

If, during a story, the topic ever veers into territory you are not comfortable with, you simply hold up your Nope Card, and the story immediately ends. There is no penalty and the current player simply draws a new card. Nope Cards are not meant to be used in any competitive fashion, and are simply there to keep everyone comfortable with the game content.

When a player wins a card they place it in their scoring pile. The first player to 7 points wins the game.

Now that that’s out of the way, are YOU ready to lay all your cards on the table?

The game contains 320 cards and an endless amount of stories to be shared.

Trying to keep this PG? All our decks are customizable with Rated-R cards that can be removed if your mom wants in on the fun. (Or keep them, your call).